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Robert M. Coleman & Partners, Architects, AIA, is a full-service architectural firm, with main offices in Baton Rouge, LA and smaller branch offices in New Orleans and Houston, Texas. The firm maintains a staff of between 25 and 30 Architects and Interior Designers with an established record for producing successful projects on time and within budget, meeting the client's specific requirements. This reputation is based on professional qualifications encompassing the firm's:

  • Personnel
  • Experience
  • organization
  • Priorities
  • Services
  • Performance Record

The volume, size, and diversity of the firm's commissions have allowed RMC&P to recruit and utilize an experienced and competent staff of licensed architects and interior designers, planners, production and field personnel, and specialists in a wide range of supporting disciplines. These individuals form a cohesive project team which, in combination with effective management, enables the firm to provide the services, dependability, and quality that induce clients to return with subsequent projects.

The enthusiasm and effectiveness inherent in the philosophy of the team approach has allowed the firm to execute both small and large projects, ranging from interior architecture to master planning and construction of phased, multi-use projects.

For each project, a team is formed under the direction of a partner-in-charge and a project manager who are responsible directly to the client and firm for overall performance of the work. Involvement by firm principals is a trademark of the firm for projects of any size. The team, which maintains close involvement in the project from inception to completion, includes architects, supporting staff, in-house specialists, and consultants. Each team is formed to assure the optimum blend of specialized experience, ability, and performance.

The principal measure of project performance is the degree to which the firm meets the specific goals and requirements of its clients. In addition to an economically successful project that fulfills its purpose ideally, the client expects responsible and individual attention and service; where not only deadlines but also budgets are met, while maintaining the desired level of quality.
The growing list of clients by which Robert M. Coleman & Partners, Architects, AIA, has been commissioned for second, third, or tenth projects is an indication of the firm's exemplary performance and its sensitivity and imagination in achieving the goals of the client.

For maximum consistency and effectiveness in meeting the client's specific requirements, Robert M. Coleman & Partners, Architects, AIA, places the highest priority on six essential tasks:

  • Effective Communication
  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Technical Execution
  • Cost Control
  • Product

Effective Communication
Open and effective communication is the basis of all of RMC&P's projects; it is a process involving not only the client and the architect, but also all individuals associated with the project from inception to completion. At the outset of each new commission, the firm meets with the client to obtain a clear understanding of goals and requirements and this statement is then issued, in written form, to all parties. The channels of communication are maintained thereafter by continuously involving the client in the decision making process, through the use of graphics, computer and scale models, and detailed descriptions presented at regularly scheduled meetings. The firm places great importance on producing three-dimensional drawings-either by hand or with computer-aided drafting which can be easily understood by all parties.